Don't understand or recognize a charge?


Need to query unknown charges? First check your monthly invoice at My Dodo by logging in with your username and password.

Your invoice will give you an itemised account of all your recent activity and can help explain any unknown charges.

If you have viewed your invoice and still don't understand the charges, contact us using our Online Support Form here or via online chat.



Pay my bill

Dodo bills are setup to be paid automatically, using your nominated payment method, however if you need to, you can easily pay a bill online!

Our Pay my bill service is super easy to use, no messing around, just enter your details here to be taken directly to the payments page. 

Set and forget

Payments are automatically deducted on your due date, using your nominated payment method. If your payment is not successful, we will contact you via SMS, email or phone.

  • Failed Credit Card payments are reprocessed automatically the following day. Please ensure that funds are available to prevent any service disruption. Manual Credit/Debit Card Payments can be made online via Pay My Bill or via My Dodo.


  • Failed Savings Account payments are not automatically reprocessed, so you will need to make a payment as soon as possible to avoid any service disruption by calling us. Manual Direct Debit Payments can be made online at My Dodo.

Automatic payments

We provide you with a variety of different payment methods, which include:

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Cards

  • Direct Debit

Payments will be automatically debited from your nominated payment method on your due date.


Manual Payments

If you are paying a bill manually, you can use a credit or debit card, via our online Pay My Bill service.

You can also use our phone payment service* by calling 13 Dodo (13 36 36).

You can also pay your account via BPAY**, you can find your BPAY payment details on your invoice.


*Currently only available for phone and internet accounts.

**Please note that all payments via BPAY can take 2 business days to process to your account and incur a $2.50 processing fee, please ensure this is included when making a BPAY payment.