Bills, Payments and Meter Reads

Yes, there are a few ways you can pay your bill by instalment. 

Pay instalments on your current bill up to the due date:

  • Log in to  and select Make a payment. You can continue to make payments until your bill is due.  You can find the due date on in the Billing section under My billing & balances.  You can add a payment method as a once off or recurring payment via
  • You can also pay in instalments via BPay or at a Post Office using the customer reference number on your bill.

We can organise to have your meter read at your request (special meter read), however, there is a charge for having this done.  You can organise this by contacting our call centre on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST).

We would be happy to arrange an appointment for a special meter read at your premises. This can take place anytime during business hours, Monday to Friday.  Appointment dates and times are set by your distributor so we may not be able to accommodate all requested timeframes.

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On page 1 you will find your account summary which contains

  • Unpaid balance carried forward from previous bill
  • Payments received during the billing period
  • New charges for the billing period
  • Pay on time discount (if applicable)
  • Amount due or Credit balance
  • Due date

On page 2 you will find the new charges breakdown which contains

  • Days the billing period covers
  • Kilowatt hours (kwh) used – for electricity
  • Mega joules (mj) used – for gas
  • Feed-in Tariff for solar returned to the grid
  • Rates
  • Concession and Rebates
  • Fees (declined payment, printed statement, etc)
  • Pay on time discount (if applicable)

Page 3 contains 

  • Daily average usage
  • Electricity usage benchmark
  • Payments received
  • Plan details

Page 4 contains

  • Contact details for 
    • Translation and interpreter services
    • Payment assistance
    • Concession 
    • Moving home
    • Complaints
    • Ombudsman service
    • Dodo customer service
    • Payment options

You can set up or amend your direct debit payments by

To cancel your direct debit payments,

  • Call us on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST)


  • You need to provide us at least 3 business days to set up, amend or cancel your direct debit payment.
  • There is no charge on direct debit payments made from a MasterCard or Visa, or from a bank account.

Your bill frequency varies depending on the fuel type and the state you live in.

  • Natural gas is typically billed quarterly in NSW and every two months in Victoria.
  • Electricity is billed quarterly in NSW, SA and Queensland.  If you live in Victoria and have a remotely read smart meter, you can receive a monthly bill.  If you would like to switch to a monthly bill, call us on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST).

You can receive your bill 

  • Electronically – you will be sent an email letting you know that you can view your bill via  There are no fees for eBills.
  • In the mail – you can choose to receive a printed bill, however, there is a printed bill fee applicable (except in NSW).

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You can set up or amend your direct debit payments by

To cancel your direct debit payments,

  • Call us on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST)


  • You need to provide us at least 3 business days to set up, amend or cancel your direct debit payment
  • There is no charge on direct debit payments made from a MasterCard or Visa, or from a bank account

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please click here to review our policy 

Occupier bills are sent to customers when Dodo Power and Gas supplies the premises with gas and/or electricity, however, we do not have your personal details to establish a gas and/or electricity account in your name.  While you have the status “occupier”, you will be priced according to the default offer, which is generally higher than our market offer.

It is important that you contact our Customer Care team on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST) who will assist in setting up your account.  You can switch to another energy retailer, however are liable for the amount on the Occupier Bill. 

GST is included in your gas and electricity rates; the GST amount is mentioned separately.  There may be instances when GST is not included such as $ credits.

You can request for a refund online!

  • Log on to 
    • Go to Billing and Payment in top navigation panel
    • Click on Credit Overview
    • Select the account you wish to request a refund for
    • Enter the amount you wish to be refunded
    • You’ll receive an SMS once refund is approved
    • The refund will be credited to your BSB

If you’d like to discuss the amount due on your account, call us on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST) at least three business days before your direct debit is due.

There are several convenient ways that you can pay your electricity or gas account.  Choose from the following options.

Direct debit is an easy way to ensure that your bills are paid on time and guarantee your pay by due date discounts (if applicable).  You will receive your bill to review before the payment is automatically deducted.


  • Direct debit from your credit card, debit card or bank account using (Direct debits from a Visa or MasterCard or your bank account are free of charge).
  • BPAY – use Biller Code 126326 and the reference number on your bill.

In Person

  • Pay at any Post Office (ensure you take the last page of your invoice which has the bar code).

Some payment channels attract a transaction fee.    

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A special meter read is a read by appointment.  You can organise a special meter read by contacting us on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST) . You will be charged a fee for this service.

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If you have a smart meter, the bill you receive will be based on an actual read.  If you have a basic meter, the bill you receive will have either an actual or an estimated read.  In most cases your meter reading will be based on the actual amount of electricity used.  However, if your meter cannot be accessed or read, you will receive an estimate.

All energy retailers include a best offer notification on the front of the bills of Victorian customers.  This message will inform you whether or not you are on the best priced advertised plan that is available from us.  You will be notified if you can save more than $22 (including GST) annually & can take up this offer by  emailing us at [email protected] or going to 
The best offer notification message you get will be based on your energy usage over the past 12 months or an estimate if we don’t have 12 months usage. 

If there are insufficient funds in your account, your payment will default which may incur a dishonour fee.  

If you usually pay your bill by direct debit, it is important that you notify us at least three days before your payment is due.  Give us a call on 13 36 36 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST).

If you don’t have a smart meter that can be read remotely, your meter needs to be read in person. Sometimes the meter reader may have issues accessing your meter.  This usually happens if you meter has been installed indoors, is behind a locked gate or is guarded by a pet pooch.

The best way to avoid an estimated read is to make sure there’s always easy and safe access to your meter.

We understand that a bill that appears higher than expected can be a shock.  Bill increases may be due to lifestyle changes such as installing air conditioners or a pool or moving to a bigger home.  Listed below are some factors that could be the reason for this increase.

  • Seasonal – Heating your home in winter and cooling your home in summer increases your energy usage.  Compare your bills from the same time of the year to track these periods where your usage is usually higher.
  • Moving home – if you have moved recently, your new home may be larger or less energy efficient than your previous home.  It may have different types of cooling or heating.
  • Additional people – visitors, a new baby, even school holidays could result in an increased usage.
  • Appliances – Have you recently purchased a new or larger appliance?  Are there any faulty or old appliances that could be using more energy?  To find how much energy your appliances use, visit 
  • Bill period – Check that you are comparing bills with the same number of days in a billing period.
  • Previous bill – is there a balance that has been carried forward from your previous bill?
  • Estimated bill – is your bill estimated?  To see if you have been issued an estimated bill, check your invoice.
  • Concessions and discounts – check your entitlements and the expiration of rebates, concessions and discounts.  Some concessions are seasonal and will not be applied to every bill.
  • Is your meter number correct?  Ensure that the meter number on your bill matches the meter number on the meter.  If you notice a discrepancy, give us a call on 13 36 36. (Monday – Friday, 8am – 7pm AEST).

Read our energy tips on how you can save energy and lower your bills. (read our energy tips)


If you feel the meter has not been read accurately, we recommend the following options:

  • Read your meter, check to see if your current reading is more than the reading on your bill. If it is less than the reading on your bill then call us.
  • You can call us to request a special meter reading, which will require the meter reader to return to your property to read the meter again. A fee may be charged if you proceed with this option and the meter reading is found to be correct.
  • After all other options have been exhausted you can request the meter to be tested. A fee may apply for this test which will only be charged if it is deemed that there is nothing wrong with the meter.