High Bills

There are many reasons why your gas or electricity bill could be higher than you expected. There are a few questions you can ask yourself, which help you investigate why your bill is higher than expected.

Increased consumption:

  • Was it colder or hotter than usual, did you use heaters or air-conditioners more than usual?

  • Did you have additional people staying with you?

  • Have you brought any new appliances, needed to fix an existing appliance or operate an existing appliance for longer than usual?

Correct comparisons:

  • Are you comparing bills from similar billing periods? You use different appliances during certain periods of the year such as heaters or air conditioners.

  • Are you entitled to a concession? Are you comparing your current bill to a previous bill where a concession was included? Some concessions are seasonal and won't be applied to all bills.

  • Are the bills you are comparing of similar length? For example, one billing period may have been for fewer days while the next is for longer. Divide the total of your current charges by the number of days on each bill to find your daily average and compare those figures.

Actual vs. Estimated Meter Reads:

  • Have you considered that your last or current bill might have been an estimated one, followed by an actual? A previous estimate may have been estimated too low resulting in a higher bill once the meter is read. If you need help determining this call our Contact Centre on 13 dodo (13 36 36).


If you feel the meter has not been read accurately, we recommend the following options,

  1. Read your meter, check to see if your current reading is more than the reading on your bill. If it is less than the reading on your bill then call us.

  2. You can call us to request a special meter reading, which will require the meter reader to return to your property to read the meter again. A fee may be charged if you proceed with this option and the meter reading is found to be correct.

  3. After all other options have been exhausted you can request the meter to be tested. A fee may apply for this test which will only be charged if it is deemed that there is nothing wrong with the meter.