Home Phone

Basic Troubleshooting


Before you start please check our Network Status information page found here, to see if your service is affected by an outage.

If you are not affected by an outage, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.


First things first, is your Home Phone connected correctly?

  • A standard Home Phone setup is a corded or cordless telephone handset connected to a telephone wall socket in your home.


  • If you have an ADSL service make sure you have installed ADSL filters on all your phone equipment.

Still not working?

Step 1 - Back to Basics Test

Let’s start with having one phone handset connected to the line to eliminate any other devices that may be interfering with the service.

To perform this test, please disconnect ALL devices connected from ALL phone sockets in your premises. Including spare rooms, garages, living room etc.

Examples of devices that will be needed to be removed during the Back to Basics test;

  • All other handsets
  • Fax Machines
  • Answering Machines
  • ADSL/Dial-Up Modems
  • ADSL Filters
  • Splitters
  • Back to Base Alarm**
  • Foxtel or any other set-top box

** remove only if it can be done safely

Once all devices are removed, connect 1 telephone handset to the phone socket and check for dial tone.


Step 2 - Check all alternate phone sockets

If you could not hear any dial tone after following the Back to Basics test, our next step is to try your phone in a different phone socket.

It is best to try all phone sockets just in case some of the wiring within the property is faulty. 


Tip: Remember to consider all socket locations such as a bungalow or a garage etc.

Let's be thorough and test all the sockets in your premises. Connect your telephone handset to another phone socket in the house and test for dial tone. Repeat this process for each telephone socket in your house.


Still not working?

Step 3 - Try an alternate phone cable

If your service is still faulty, it could be that the phone cable needs replacing.

Phone cables can take knocks and wiring can become loose or disconnected.

Please test with an alternate phone cable to see if the cable is faulty.


Note: If you do not have a spare telephone cable, you can use a phone cable from a modem or another telephone device in your home.


Step 4 - Try an alternate handset

In some cases the phone handset may have become faulty, even though it doesn’t look like it.

Please test an alternate handset to see if your phone has failed.


Note: If you do not have an alternate handset, you can test your telephone handset on a friend family or neighbours line to prove your handset if not the cause of fault.


If you have done all of the troubleshooting above, and are still having an issue, please click here to create an online support request.

Raising a fault

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Home Phone service, you can try to fix your issue by following our Basic Troubleshooting steps.

If these steps do not restore your service, please click here to create an online support request.

Should the representative be unable to restore your service, we will then raise a fault with our supplier.