Getting Started

Transferring your number


You can transfer most landline services to Dodo, just be sure to choose this option during the sign up process.

We cannot transfer a cancelled number, so please make sure the number is active before requesting a transfer.


Copper connection fees


If you are being connected to the old copper network (due to nbn™ not being available), the below connection fees will apply.

Type of Connection Connection Fee
Transfer of existing number - $0
Standard Connection (Remote) - $59
Standard Connection (Technician) - $99
New Telephone Line Connection - $240


Activation timeframes


Type of Connection Provisioning Time Frame
Transfer of existing number (Copper) - Up to 7 business days
Activation of a new number (Copper) - Up to 10 business days
nbn™ Home Phone (nbn™) - Within 24 hours of nbn™ activation*


*If transferring a number to nbn™ Home Phone, activation may take longer.