Getting Started

Transferring your number


You can transfer most landline services to Dodo, just be sure to choose this option during the sign up process.

We cannot transfer a cancelled number, so please make sure the number is active before requesting a transfer.


Copper connection fees


If you are being connected to the old copper network (due to nbn™ not being available), the below connection fees will apply.

Type of Connection Connection Fee
Transfer of existing number - $0
Standard Connection (Remote) - $59
Standard Connection (Technician) - $99
New Telephone Line Connection - $240


Activation timeframes


Type of Connection Provisioning Time Frame
Transfer of existing number (Copper) - Up to 7 business days
Activation of a new number (Copper) - Up to 10 business days
nbn™ Home Phone (nbn™) - Within 24 hours of nbn™ activation*


*If transferring a number to nbn™ Home Phone, activation may take longer.


Make and receive calls with nbn™


Setting up your nbn™ home phone is quick and easy, just follow the simple steps below:


  • Your nbn™ service should be working, and you should have received an SMS advising that your nbn™ home phone is ready


  • Connect your telephone to the "Phone1" port at the back of your modem




  • The "VoIP" light at the front of the modem should be green, this indicates that the nbn™ home phone is active
VoIP-Light HP



  • Check your phone for dial tone and test if you can make or receive calls



 If you have followed all of the steps above and are unable to use your nbn™ home phone, click here to create an online support request.