Getting Started

Active phone line

ADSL Broadband service requires an active, full service home phone line, while nbn™ services can be provisioned provided that your location is nbn™-ready.

Please click here to see ADSL and nbn™ availability and pricing.

Do I need a Dodo home phone?

You do not need to have your Home Phone services with Dodo to have Dodo Broadband, you only need an active full service phone line.

Getting updates

Dodo will send you updates on your order via text message, but you can also check the status using our online self help tools.

If you have recently signed up for a dodo service, or moved your existing service to a new address, click here to see how the order is progressing.

Delivery tracking

If you are having hardware delivered you can track it using the TOLL website, simply enter the hardware tracking number sent to you via SMS.

Post connection

Technicians are only responsible for connecting your property to the network.

Once their work is complete, you will need to setup your modem, click here for more information on getting connected.

Getting connected

Once your ADSL service has been connected, you can start using it by following our easy to use setup guides found in your hardware packaging, it couldn't be easier.


1. Connect the filter/splitter provided, to your phone socket.



2. Now using the telephone cable provided connect one into the ‘ADSL Modem’ side if the filter to the DSL port on the back of the modem.



Connect the power plug to the back of the modem and the other end to your power socket then turn the modem on.

Your modem will now complete the setup process for you, please allow 15 minutes for the auto setup to complete.


4. When the WAN and Internet lights are solid your modem will now be connected to the internet.




  • In order to connect to Wi-Fi look at the sticker on the back of the modem.
  • The SSID shows the name of the Wi-Fi network.
  • While the WLAN Key is the password.

Modem Wi-Fi Label