Help & Troubleshooting

Service suspension

Your service may have been suspended for one of several reasons, If your payments are up to date your service should be working without any issue.

If your payments are up to date and your are still unable to use your service, please click here to create an online support request.

Basic troubleshooting

If your handset is not working please try following steps:

  • Turn the phone off

  • Remove battery and SIM card from the handset

  • Put the battery and SIM back in the handset and turn your phone on again

  • If still not working, try your SIM in another handset. This will help you determine if the problem is your SIM card or your handset

  • If the SIM is working in an another handset - that means there is an issue with your handset or potentially your handset is locked to a different provider

  • If the SIM card is not working in another handset - that means it is most likely issue with your SIM

If it is an issue with your SIM card,please click here to create an online support request.

If you suspect an issue with the handset, we suggest to contact the manufacturer

Mobile Data/MMS

Mobile data is activated by default if included in your plan. If your sim card is active, mobile data should also be active.

If mobile data is not working, please check that it is included in your service and if you have correct mobile data settings.

If your settings are correct and the sim card is active but mobile data is not working, please click here to create an online support request and we will investigate the issue.

The table below contains the Dodo GPRS and MMS settings.

GPRS Settings:

Website: -
APN: - Internet
Gateway/Proxy IP: -
Port: - 9201


MMS Settings:

Website: -
Gateway/Proxy IP: -
Port: - 9201


Use your mobile data on other devices

Also known as Mobile Hotspot, tethering allows the sharing of an internet connection from one device to another via Wi-Fi.

For information on how to enable this, please refer to your device manual.