Logging in

We will not provide passwords over the phone, email or chat.

If you’ve forgotten your password you can reset it here, just enter your email address* and we’ll send you instructions via email.

*If you are unsure of the email address used, click the "Get in touch" link found at the bottom.



How do I log in?

My Dodo gives you access to manage your services and account online:

  • Pay a bill

  • View invoices

  • Check your usage

  • Update your payment details

We will continue to improve the My Dodo experience and add additional features.

Click here to log in.



How do I create a My Dodo account?

How to log in to My Dodo


Click here to login to My Dodo with your username and password*.


Already have an account but forgotten your password? No worries! Just click here and we will provide instructions to retrieve your details.  

Passwords will not be provided over the phone, email or chat.



What is My Dodo?

When you sign up for a Dodo nbn service, you’ll get a welcome email, which will contain instructions on how to set up a My Dodo account*.

All you have to do click on the supplied link and follow the step by step instructions.

Once done, visit my.dodo.com and log in with your Username and Password, and you’ll be able manage all of your services in one place.

*The welcome email link will expire after 3 days, if you have any difficulties, simply head to my.dodo.com and click “I forgot my details” to get started.



How do I retrieve my login details?

What is My Dodo?