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Getting started

About FetchTV

FetchTV is an IPTV service that delivers subscription television programming using your internet connection.

Fetch TV provides a set top box with a digital TV tuner, personal video recorder and up to 45+ subscription channels, video on demand, pay per view movies, web applications, and a mobile app.

Setting up your FetchTV


Connection Option 1 (If your Modem & TV are in two different rooms)

  1. To use a PowerLine Adapter/Connector, plug the Adapter into a power socket near your broadband modem
  2. Use an Ethernet/Internet Cable to connect between your broadband modem & PowerLine Adapter
  3. Plug the Second PowerLine Adapter near your TV & Fetch set-top box
  4. Use an Ethernet/Internet Cable (provided) to connect the adapter to your Fetch TV set-top box
  5. Switch on TV and follow steps bellow on how to setup your Fetch TV Device

Connection Option 2 (If your Modem, Fetch set-top box & TV are in the same room)

  1. Plug one end of the Internet/Ethernet Cable provided in the box to you broadband modem
  2. Plug other end of Internet/Ethernet Cable provided in the box to the set-top box (labelled internet)
  3. Switch on TV and follow steps bellow on how to setup your Fetch TV Device


  1. Ensure that your set-top box is connected to a power socket/ TV Antenna (for free to air TV) and your broadband modem/router
  2. Ensure that your modem/router is turned on and connected to the internet
  3. Switch on the Fetch TV set-top box.
  4. Please wait for 10 – 15 minutes for the set-top box to power up and configure for the first time (the screen may go black – don’t worry)\
  5. After Step 4 is complete, you should see the Fetch start-up screen on your TV
  6. After first start-up, the set-top box Welcome Screen appears.
  7. Enter the Activation Code that you received in the Welcome Email and Via SMS (case sensitive). Click the Activate button once the code has been entered Correctly
  8. The next screen prompts you to set up your Parental PIN. You can do this now by following the on screen instructions or do it later by accessing User in the Settings menu. he default PIN is 0000.
  9. Click here to download the Fetch TV User Guides. It will help you get the most out of your Fetch TV service.


Activating your service

To activate your FetchTV service, you will need your 10 digit activation code, this will be sent to you via SMS and email when your hardware is dispatched.

To activate your service, first setup your FetchTV hardware. Once setup is complete, power up your FetchTV set top box and enter the activation code when prompted.

Fetch Mini

from $15/mth

Good things come in small packages! The Fetch Mini box lets you watch, pause and rewind Free-to-Air TV, plus easily watch Catch-Up TV, movies on demand, buy the latest TV shows and any of your subscription services.



Fetch Mighty

from $20/mth

When size matters, the Fetch Mighty is bigger than the rest. With a 1TB hard drive, you can record up to 585 hours of TV, neatly organised by series and episode, as well as everything you get from the Mini. Requires 15+ Mbps broadband, 4K content and a 4K TV


What do I need?

FetchTV is an IPTV service requiring an internet connection with a minimum speed of 3Mmps. 

An IPTV compatible modem is required and is supplied if you have a Dodo internet service.

In order to access free-to-air channels through your Fetch set top box, you will need a TV aerial.