Getting started

Account activation

Your service will activate automatically 10 days after the sim card has been dispatched, alternatively you can activate your sim via:

  • Online at

  • Over the phone by calling our dedicated activation line on 1300 308 532, and follow the prompts

Please refer to your welcome letter for activation details.

If you are transferring your number from another provider, activation may take up to 24 hours or a little longer on Sundays.

Transferring your number

You can transfer most mobile services to Dodo, just be sure to choose this option during the sign up process.

If your existing service is pre-paid, we require the mobile service number and the date of birth provided when that service was created.

If your existing service is post-paid, we require the mobile service number and the account number of the service you wish to transfer to Dodo.

A one-time passcode is a way for us to protect the privacy of our customers, ensuring that the service holder is the one who is requesting the transfer of their mobile number.

As part of the sign-up process, a one-time passcode will be sent to the mobile number you are wishing to transfer via SMS, so make sure you have that handy.

Once we have verified the passcode entered, you will be able to complete the transfer of your service to Dodo mobile.

If you suspect that your mobile service number has been fraudulently ported, you should immediately report the activity to either (a) the Australian Federal Police or the relevant State or Territory Police; and (b) the government services that support customers whose mobile service number is the subject of an unauthorised transfer.

Transferring your number

Transferring (porting) your number to Dodo is quick and easy, and is usually complete within 4 hours* of submitting your activation request.

Keep your original sim card in your handset.

Once your sim stops working, just replace it with your Dodo sim card and you're done!

When transferring a number to Dodo please ensure that all relevant information is supplied to avoid any activation delays.

* Transfers from some networks can take up to 2 business days to complete.

Compatible handsets

To use your Dodo mobile SIM, you will need to have a 4G compatible mobile handset.