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Using My Dodo

Login to My Dodo and click the “Update account details” button in the quick links section, or select Account from the top right of the screen.

From here you can update your MyDodo username and password.

You can also update your contact and address information for each of your dodo services.

  • To change your MyDodo login password, click the Change Password button, and follow the prompts.
  • To change your MyDodo username, click the Change Mydodo Username button, and follow the prompts.
  • To update the contact details of any of your Dodo services, select the service from the list and use the edit button to update your details. 


Moving House

How do I change or update my payment details?

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has introduced new rules to protect the security of your service/s and reduce the chance of harm from scammers targeting customer interactions to facilitate identity and financial theft. 

To align to ACMA regulatory requirements, we will soon introduce multi-factor authentication (MFA) prior to undertaking all high- risk customer interactions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high-risk customer interaction?
A high-risk customer interaction is an interaction started either by you or us, where we:

  • add, remove or modify a service on your account; and/or
  • disclose information we hold on your account

Why do I need a code?
Adding in the use of a code provides an extra layer of protection when you are accessing or making changes to your account.

How does it work?
Whenever you are accessing or making changes to your account that involve your financial or personal information a code will be generated.
This could involve logging into My Dodo, adding services, changing your plan or updating your personal or payment details.  

What if I don’t get a code, or get one I didn’t ask for?
We certainly hope that never happens.  If it does, just get in touch at [email protected], or call us on 13 36 36.
If you think you’ve been subject to identity theft or fraud, get in touch with us and your financial institution immediately.

What if I’ve given someone else access to my account?
Those arrangements won’t be impacted. If someone you have authorised makes changes to your account then you will receive the code.  

Simply login to My Dodo and raise a Support Request by clicking the “Support Request” quick link.

When sending the request, please ensure to include their full name, date of birth, contact number, contact email and full address.

If you are thinking of cancelling your service, or switching to another provider, we recommend that you contact us to finalise your account.

We may be able to offer you a plan more suited to your needs or look at any service issues that may have impacted your service.

If we’re unable to assist, we will guide you through the disconnection process. 



How do I make changes to my Dodo plan?

I'm moving, can I move my Dodo nbn service with me?

Our support pages are designed to help you resolve enquiries without having to contact us, and our My Dodo self-service tools give you complete control of your account.

Allowing you to pay a bill, view invoices, check your usage, update your payment details and more.

If you need to contact us you can raise a Support Request via My Dodo, just login and click the “Support Request” quick link.