My Dodo

If you need to update or change any of your account information, login to My Dodo and click the “Update details” quick link.


  1. Log into My Dodo & select Account (top menu bar)

  2. Select Personal Details from the Customer Information menu

  3. Edit & update your password, email address or contact

  4. Remember to Save your updated information

  5. Your changes will be updated immediately



Moving House

My Dodo is your online one stop shop where you can manage all your Dodo accounts 24/7 whether gas, electricity, internet or mobile. It only takes a couple of  minutes to register for My Dodo.

To get started, ensure that you have your email address and password handy.

My Dodo gives you secure online access to;

  • Viewing and paying your bills

  • Updating your payment details including direct debits

  • Updating your personal details (email, contact numbers etc)

  • Setting up a payment plan or extension

  • Requesting a refund

  • Reviewing your energy usage and history


Click here to log in.



How do I create a My Dodo account?

When you sign up for a Dodo nbn service, you’ll get a welcome email, which will contain instructions on how to set up a My Dodo account*.

All you have to do click on the supplied link and follow the step by step instructions.

Once done, visit and log in with your Username and Password, and you’ll be able manage all of your services in one place.

*The welcome email link will expire after 3 days, if you have any difficulties, simply head to and click “I forgot my details” to get started.



How do I retrieve my login details?

What is My Dodo?