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Getting started

If you are trying to connect Dodo nbn to a heritage listed building, you will need to obtain approval from your local authority before nbn technicians will do any installation work.


Visit to find your local National Trust organisation.

If you have a medical or security alarm, you will need to check if they'll work with an nbn connection before entering in a contract with us for a new nbn service.


If your medical or security alarm isn’t compatible, contact your alarm supplier to discuss alternate options. If you have a medical alarm service, you should register this on the NBN Medical Alarm Register, which can be found on NBN Co’s website,

We’re keeping it simple with unlimited nbn plans and the option to pick the speed tier that best suits your household needs.


  • nbn151 for web browsing, email and streaming music. 

  • nbn25 for SD video streaming, email, web browsing and online gameplay 

  • nbn50 for HD video streaming, online gameplay, working & studying from home 

  • nbn100 for 4K video streaming, video conferencing, multiple players gaming online 


Information on typical evening speeds can be found here.


Click here to view plans and pricing.

1 A speed tier created by Dodo to provide 15 mbps typical evening speed on the nbn network.



Is Dodo nbn available in my area?

Find out what nbn technology is available at your address.


Click here to check what’s available at your address.

When you sign up for Dodo nbn, you have the choice of purchasing a modem from Dodo outright.

You can also use your own modem, as most nbn compatible modems will work with Dodo nbn, be sure to check that your modem is appropriate for your nbn access technology, and isn't locked to another provider.

*Our technical support team are fully trained on Dodo branded hardware, for help setting up your own modem, please visit out support pages.



How do I set up my Dodo modem?

Can I use my own modem with Dodo?

The credit/debit card you use when signing up your Dodo nbn service will become your default payment method*. We've simplified our payment options. We now only accept Credit/Debit cards from Visa or MasterCard.

Payments will be automatically debited from your nominated account on your due date, so please ensure that funds are available to avoid possible service disruption.

You can also easily update your payment method in My Dodo.


*In order to provide your nbn plan, Dodo services require that you retain a valid credit/debit card on file



When do I need to pay for my nbn service?

If you are moving and want Dodo nbn at your new place, click here to view our nbn plans.


If you already have Dodo nbn you don’t need to sign up to a new service, just raise a Support Request via your My Dodo account by clicking the “Support Request” quick link, and we’ll move your service to your new address.

If you are unable to raise a support request through My Dodo please click here.




Is Dodo nbn available in my area?

How do I choose a plan suits my needs?

For a standard nbn connection, you will only need to pay for your modem when signing up.

If there is no existing compatible infrastructure at your premises, you will be charged a new development fee of $300, in addition to the cost of the modem.



What is the new development fee?

As part of an Australian government policy, a new development fee was introduced on April 1, 2016  whereby the costs linked with building new telecommunications networks would be handed down to households and developers.

The new development fee applies to installations at properties where no phone or internet infrastructure has been installed. In most cases this is due to the property being a new development.

If your connection is subject to a new development fee you will be advised when signing up to Dodo nbn.

To sign up for dodo nbn, you will be required to pay a new development fee of $300. You have the option to either pay the full amount upfront or make the first instalment payment if you choose the instalment payment option.