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Home phone

Need to upgrade?


How do I change my plan?

  • For changes to your Dodo Home Phone click logon to My Dodo to submit an support request by clicking on the "Support Request" link in the quick links menu


How long does it take?

  • Changes to your plan take effect from your next billing date.


I'm on a contract, can I still change my plan?

  • Contracted customers can upgrade at any time

  • Switching to a lower plan may incur a plan switch fee


How much are overseas calls?

International call rates vary from country to country. To view the Full Call Rates, please click here.

We also offer International call packs, which give you 2,000 minutes worth of calls to 25 selected International locations.

Basic Troubleshooting


Before you start please check our Network Status information page found here, to see if your service is affected by an outage.

If you are not affected by an outage, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.


Is your Home Phone connected correctly?

  • A standard Home Phone setup is a corded or cordless telephone handset connected to a telephone wall socket in your home.
  • Please check that all cables are in good working order.


  • If you have an ADSL service make sure you have installed ADSL filters on all phone sockets in use.

Still not working?

Step 1 - Isolation Test

To do an Isolation Test; remove ALL devices connected to the
phone lines and phone sockets in the premises:

  • All other handsets
  • Fax Machines
  • Answering Machines
  • ADSL/Dial-Up Modems
  • ADSL Filters
  • Splitters
  • Back to Base Alarm**
  • Foxtel or any other set-top box

** remove only if it can be done safely

Once all devices are removed, connect 1 telephone handset to the phone socket and check for dial tone.

If using a cordless phone, please make sure that the batteries are fully charged.


Step 2 - Check all alternate phone sockets

If it doesn't work, check all other phone sockets in the premises. Connect a phone and check for a dial tone.


Tip: Remember to consider all socket locations such as a bungalow or a garage etc.

Let's be thorough and test all the sockets in your premises. Connect your telephone handset to another phone socket in the house and test for dial tone. Repeat this process for each telephone socket in your house.


Step 3 - Try an alternate phone cable

If it still doesn't work, check the phone cable. Get a working phone cable and test again.




Step 4 - Try an alternate handset

Your phone handset may have become faulty, if possible test an alternate handset to see if your phone has failed.



If you have done all of the troubleshooting above, and are still having an issue, please click here to create an online support request.



International call packs

We offer 2 International Call Packs, which give you 2,000 minutes worth of calls to 25 selected International locations.

  1. $15/mth pack gives you 2,000 minutes to landlines
  2. $20/mth pack gives you 2,000 minutes to landlines and mobiles

The Top 25 International Call destinations can be found here.

You can add an International Call Pack via My Dodo, click here to go to the my.dodo login page, you will need to enter your dodo username and password to login successfully.