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Transferring your number


You can transfer your mobile number to Dodo by selecting the option when activating your Dodo mobile SIM card.

  • If your existing service is pre-paid, we require the mobile service number and the date of birth provided when that service was created.

  • If your existing service is post-paid, we require the mobile service number and the account number of the service you wish to transfer to Dodo.

If you are transferring your number from another provider, your service should be active within 4 hours, but may take  up to 24 hours.

Keep your original sim card in your handset, once your SIM stops working, just replace it with your Dodo SIM card and you're done!


Once your service has been activated, turn your device off, then back on again.



How long does it take to transfer my number to Dodo?

Mobile Data/MMS


To enable MMS, you will first of all need to call us on 13 36 36 to activate this service.

Mobile data is activated by default if included in your plan.

If your sim card is active, and your payments are up to date, mobile data should also be active.

If mobile data is not working, please check that it is included in your service and that you have the correct mobile data settings.

If your settings are correct and the sim card is active but mobile data is not working, visit MyDodo to create an online support request and we will investigate the issue.

The table below contains the Dodo GPRS (internet) and MMS (Multi-media Message) settings.

GPRS Settings:

APN:- Internet
Gateway/Proxy IP:-
Port:- 9201


MMS Settings:

Gateway/Proxy IP:-
Port:- 9201