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Phone & Internet

Paying your bill couldn’t be easier!

Automatic payments

Set up a direct debit from your nominated credit/debit card to automatically pay your Dodo account each month.

Simply login to Mydodo and manage via ‘update payment details’ under ‘Quick links’ on your page.

Please ensure that funds are available on the due date of your bill to avoid possible service disruption. 


Manual Payments

If you have missed a payment and want to pay your bill manually, you can make credit or debit card payments in MyDodo. Once logged in select ‘Make a payment’ under the ‘Quick links’ section of the dashboard and then follow the prompted steps to pay your account.


How do I view my bill?

  • Log into My Dodo & select Billing & Payment (top menu bar)
  • Select Make a Payment from the Payment Options menu
  • Select the product/service you wish to pay
  • Enter the exact Amount & click Continue to Payment Type
  • Select Payment Type from the payment methods show, or add a new payment type
  • Confirm the payment details then select Make a Secure Payment to process the request
  • A new screen will appear to confirm if payment is successful or unsuccessful
  • If your payment was successful, you will see confirmation that your transaction was completed
  • If your payment was unsuccessful, you will be advised of the reason


Need to upgrade?

How do I change my plan?

  • To make changes to your Dodo plan login to MyDodo. Select the plan you wish to change from ‘My services’.
  • Click the ‘CHANGE PLAN’ button*.
  • From the list, select the plan you want, and click ‘SUBMIT’.

How long does it take?

Plan upgrades will take immediate effect, while plan downgrades will occur at the end of your current billing period.

*If you are on an older plan and are unable to change your plan online, you will need to login to MyDodo and submit an online request.



How do I cancel my service?

I am moving home. How do I move my Dodo nbn service with me?

5GB of additional data

If you have run out of data, you can buy 5GB of data for only $10.
If your plan includes Data Banking and you don’t use all of the 5GB top-up within your billing cycle, the remaining top up data will roll-over to the following month.

Learn more about Data Banking here.

Add $100 International Call Credit

Get an additional $100 credit towards international calls. Click here for a list of included destinations

Please note that unused international calling credit does not roll-over to the next month. 



How do I purchase a mobile add-on?

What is Data Banking?

Mobile Add-ons

You can purchase one of the below Dodo mobile add-ons using MyDodo, select your mobile service then click the "Buy Add On" button.


Add-on What you getPriceRenewal
Data Pack    5GB additional data  $10  One-off
International Talk Pack    $100 worth of International Call Credit    $5  One-off


*If you are unable to see Dodo mobile add-ons in MyDodo, then they are not available on your current plan.



What mobile add-ons are available?

Updating your payment method

You can update or change your payment method by using My Dodo, simply login and navigate to the “Payment Details” link and follow these steps:

  • Log into My Dodo & select Billing & Payment (top menu bar)
  • Select Payment Details from the Billing Information menu
  • Select the Product/Service to view primary payment details
  • Select Add a New payment Type
  • Select either Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Enter the relevant details for your Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Select either Yes or No to Make this My Primary Payment Method
  • Select either Yes or No to Add to All Accounts
  • Select either Yes or No to I agree to Primary Payment Method Terms
  • Click Save


How do I pay a bill?

As part of an Australian government policy, a new development fee was introduced on April 1, 2016  whereby the costs linked with building new telecommunications networks would be handed down to households and developers.

The new development fee applies to installations at properties where no phone or internet infrastructure has been installed. In most cases this is due to the property being a new development.

If your connection is subject to a new development fee you will be advised when signing up to Dodo nbn.

To sign up for dodo nbn, you will be required to pay a new development fee of $300. You have the option to either pay the full amount upfront or make the first instalment payment if you choose the instalment payment option.

Need a little help?

If you are having difficulty making a payment, visit My Dodo and click the “Payment extension” link to see what options are available to you.


If you need additional support our Financial Hardship Policy provides a variety of additional options to help get you back in control.



Can I temporarily pause my billing?

We are unable to put billing on hold or suspend accounts.

Disconnecting your services early may incur cancellation fees and/or the loss of your phone number or email address.

However, if you are experiencing difficulties paying your bill our Payment Extension options may help.

If you need additional support our Financial Hardship Policy provides a variety of additional options to help get you back in control.

You can choose to download and complete our Statement of Financial Position Form and return it to [email protected] or contact us by phone:


  • Phone: 1300 907 283
  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9.00 am – 6.00 pm AEST



Can I get a payment extension?

First, login to My Dodo and check your monthly invoice.

Your invoice will give you an itemised account of all your recent activity and can help explain any unknown charges.

If you still don't understand the charges, you can raise a Support Request via your My Dodo account by clicking the “Support Request” quick link.

If you are unable to create a My Dodo case please click here.



How do I view my bill?