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Moving house

If you're about to move house, taking your services with you is quick and easy.

What do you need to do?

To ensure that we can get your services up and running as quickly as possible, please contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Just tell us when you’re moving and where you’re moving to, and we’ll find the best plan available at the new address*.

We’ll also disconnect your internet service from your old address on your chosen date. Once your move is sorted, we’ll send you an email to confirm everything.

Bundle and save!

Depending on your new address you may be able to bundle a Dodo Power and Gas service for additional great savings!

Click here for more information on energy bundle discounts.

*You may need to sign-up to a new plan when you move. This depends on the type of internet connection available, and the location of your new address.

If you need to sign-up to a new plan, there may be an upfront payment for your first month and connection fee.


How long does it take?

Will I need to be home when you connect my new address?

Usually we can connect your internet remotely. If not, a technician appointment will be required.

A technician visit will depend on the infrastructure at your new address and if your new address is nbn ready but hasn’t been connected before or if the address hasn’t had an active phone line in a while.

If a technician is needed, we will notify you via SMS or email.  



How long does it take?

What’s involved in moving my service?

Are there any moving fees?