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Tracking your order

If you are not at home for your nbn appointment, we will automatically reschedule to the next available appointment.


We will advise you of the appointment via SMS, email and My Dodo.

An nbn technician will not carry out any work if there are any possible risks at your address.

If there are any perceived risks at the address, your technician will usually notify you what steps you need to take.

Once you have removed the onsite risk, let us know by log in into My Dodo, and updating the relevant support request case.

Proof of occupancy is required when we detect an existing active connection at the premises.

To ensure we don’t disconnect a service in error, we ask that you provide us with evidence proving ownership or residency of the property.


Acceptable Proof of Occupancy documents


  • Lease contract or rental agreement

  •  Contract of sale

  •  A utility bill (e.g. rates, power, water) clearly showing your name and the address


To upload your documents, simply log into My Dodo, and attach your files to the relevant support request case.

Sometimes we need more information in order to process your installation, usually it's just confirmation of your home phone number.

If you are not sure of the service number, you can connect a handset to a phone socket in your home and dial 127 22 123 to hear the service number.

To provide us with the service number, simply log into My Dodo, and update the relevant support request case.