Mobile Wireless Broadband

View usage logs

If you would like to check your Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband usage, you can log in to my.dodo. Once logged in, click the "view usage summary" button*.

*When viewing your usage online, please be advised that there may be delay of up to 2 hours before any recorded usage is available to view.

Excess data charges

Once you exceed your monthly data allowance, you will be charged for any additional data you use.

The excess data charges vary, depending on what plan you are on.

To avoid excess charges, please ensure that you monitor your usage.


Why is my internet slow?

If your Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband connection is slow you can try the following

  • Check the signal strength, low quality signals can have an affect on speeds.

  • Restart your modem and device.

  • If available, try connecting a different device (e.g. computer) to your modem to check if your device is causing the issue.

If you are still experiencing connection issues, please click here to create an online support request.

Basic troubleshooting steps


In order to restore your connection, try these simple steps

  • Turn your device off for at least 30 seconds, then turn it on again

  • Close your connection manager application and any other open applications then re-open them

  • Eject and remove your USB modem/dongle from your computers USB port then re-connect them

  • Check that your SIM card is correctly inserted into your device

  • Try your SIM card in another device (If the problem continues, there could be an issue with the SIM)

  • Check the signal strength, your modem's location can affect the signal quality


If you are still experiencing connection issues, please click here to create an online support request.

Mobile Wireless Broadband plans

Dodo currently offer Mobile Wireless Broadband SIM only starter packs, the monthly data allowance depends on what type of contract you select.


Please click here for more information. 

How to activate your Mobile Wireless Broadband

Click here to visit our online activation page.

If you are unable to use the online activation page, you can call our dedicated activation line on 1300 308 532.

Please ensure that you retain the activation information found in the packaging.

Compatible devices

Your Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband SIM is compatible with most 4G enabled devices, such as Laptops, tablets and any device that accepts a SIM.